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Mar 2, 2020

As the years go on in the same job and in the same desk, it’s easy to be stuck doing the same thing every day. As the new season of Spring approaches, it’s an opportunity to lighten the load of stress around us and set a new tone for our workdays. There are so many ways to freshen the feeling of going into the office and to revive your spirit for spring.

One of the things we can all do in our office is to clean out all the junk we have on our desk. An easy way to start is by just taking everything off the surface of your desk and clean the surfaces. Honestly, our desk might be shockingly dirty and you would have never known until you removed all your belongings off the surface. Once the surface is clean, start by adding your belongings back on your desk. Maybe you realized over winter you have been saving one too many papers, and are ready to clean some of the junk out.

Cleaning surfaces don’t have to be the only type of spring cleaning that you do. An easy way for you to spring clean your body is by remembering to drink water. This might seem overly simple, but the majority of us are not drinking enough water. Water helps detox our body by removing waste and flushing it out of your system. Take a movement break by getting up from your desk to grab a glass of water.

Another way to bring in Springtime is by getting outdoors during your work break. What’s better than eating outdoors with the sun beating down and warming you surrounded by all the green blossoms? When the weather’s nice, eating outdoors is such a great way to enjoy the season. After lunch ends, take a long walk. This is the time of year to get out of the office and enjoy the cool breeze and the warm sunshine. Perhaps consider driving down to the beach one day to enjoy your lunch break watching the waves.

Whether it’s cleaning your space around you or cleaning your body, remember that this is the season to also stop and smell the roses. Take a deep breath to release your stress and celebrate the beauty that currently surrounds you. If we just open our eyes we will see all of it.