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Dec 31, 2019

Happy 2020! This New Year is particularly special as we’re ushering in a brand new decade. I love the New Year because it represents a fresh start and the opportunity to dream BIG about what I want for my life. My intention for this year is to measure my success by how much fun I’m having. Isn’t that a wonderful idea? To me, this means finding ways to have fun no matter what I’m doing. Connecting to joy opens me up to receive my greatest desires. I always spend some time at the New Year reflecting on what I truly want and how to get there. What are your goals and dreams for 2020? Below are 5  powerful questions to design your New Year.

What would make you happy? This is one of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself. Far too often, we forget to make happiness our priority. When we feel happy, our inner light shines from within and everything gets easier and more joyful. So ask yourself this question right now… If you could have anything at all to be truly happy, what would it be? Take out a piece of paper and imagine that you have a magic pen in your hand, and that everything you write down will come true. What do you want? Allow the answer to give you a direction to point yourself towards.

What area of your life do you want to positively shift? One powerful way to set your New Year’s intention is by dedicating yourself to one part of your life that you want to improve. Perhaps it’s your health or fitness? Maybe it’s your relationships or finances? Or maybe you have a bad habit that you’re ready to let go of? Think through the different parts of your life and make a list of the elements that you’d love to shift. Then pick the one thing that will have the greatest impact on your life and focus on that.

What small change will align you with what you want? The only way to create a lasting positive shift is by changing what you do on a daily basis. What changes in your daily routine will lead you toward achieving your goal? For instance, if you want to improve your relationship with your partner, perhaps you make a new daily habit of complimenting your partner each time they come home from work. Or if your goal is to enhance your fitness, you can make a daily habit of taking a 10-minute break to walk outside… or go up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Small, bite-sized changes feel manageable and will add up in a big way.

How can you have more fun? It’s great to dream about big changes that will bring us joy, but the truth is that we need to find more joy in the here and now. The truly successful people in life have figured out how to make life more fun. What attitude do you bring to work each day? How can you inject a little more fun into your day? Make a list of all the things you love to do. Now pick 2 or 3 of them and schedule them into your calendar each week. Maybe it’s calling a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time, or going to a yoga class, or playing a game of basketball with your friends, or reading a good book.

Who do you want to be one year from now? I love asking this question. Notice that it’s not about WHAT you want to have, but WHO you want to BE. What does the best version of yourself look like? How does the best version of yourself feel? This is about your mindset and how you want to approach each day, each encounter, each experience that you have. This one question has the power to drastically alter your life in a beautiful way, because it’s about how we want to show up for our life, and that’s a choice.