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Jun 27, 2020

In the first few months of social distancing, it was hard to think that can we have fun while staying at home for the new few months? Even though it might not be the dream vacation, you may have been planning, but we can still have a lot of fun while we social distance and keep our loved ones safe! We do suggest that any activity we mention outside that you follow all of your county’s rules and regulations. Here are some of our suggestions to make the best out of social distancing and have some fun.

Even though we can’t go out to a restaurant with our friends, that doesn’t mean we can’t eat the same food with our friends in a different location. Plan a fun get together with your friend group and order your favorite meal from your go-to restaurant. Take all the yummy food and utensils to the park to have a picnic. All of you and your friends can enjoy the outdoors while hanging out and eating yummy food.

If buying someone else’s food isn’t as COVID safe as you would like, another fun activity we can always do at home is cooking. Most of us have a solid foundation of cooking with a handful of recipes we can cook with our family.
Instead of cooking the same thing, email all of your friends and ask them what their favorite recipes are and start a recipe exchange within your community of friends. Once you get all the awesome recipes you want to try it time to fire up the stove and start cooking.

Once you start looking through your friends and families recipes, it might dawn on you that a lot of the products you could grow in your garden. Even if your in an apartment growing herbs in small pots can make you feel a little closer to your food when you garnish your plate. Setting up a garden is a great family activity, and if you have kids a great opportunity to teach them where our food comes from.

If you tend to be more adventurous and feeling cooped up at home, make sure to still enjoy the beautiful outdoors. There is plenty of run for all of us getting outside with social distancing. My favorite outdoor activities during this time have been biking through our neighborhoods, you would be surprised to see so many new homes you never noticed. Getting outdoors away from people is a great refresher after being stuck inside the past few months.

Even though it seems like we are more restricted than ever, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun!
What are you doing to keep having fun during quarantine and social distancing?