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Sep 4, 2019

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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]If you’re ready to change your body and your health, you simply need to make some changes to your daily routine. A wise man once told me “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’re only going to get what you’ve already got.” If you want a new result, try some new actions. What small things can you add into your day or week that can help you achieve your goals? Ideally think of things that won’t take longer than 20 minutes that you can add into your calendar throughout the week. Prioritize yourself and what your body needs, whether that be sleep, nutritious food, plenty of water, or self-care practices. Below are some suggestions to get you mentally and physically ready to create real transformation.

  1. Set Goals:   It is so important to set concrete, realistic, and actionable goals for yourself. Do you want to lose a specific amount of weight? Do you want to go down to a certain clothing size? Are you looking to add a specific amount of muscle? Ask yourself WHY you want those goals. Give your goal a purpose. Being clear on where you want to go, and why you want to get there makes it so much easier to succeed.


  1. Visualize Your Success:   Picture yourself the healthiest you’ve ever been. Imagine how you want to look and feel. Create an image in your mind of achieving all your goals and celebrating! When you take the time to visualize what you really want, it makes it much easier to attain it.


  1. Mindset:   Attitude and mindset are everything. Believe that you can accomplish your goals. Commit yourself to see them through. Make the decision to succeed and remind yourself everyday what your reasons are for doing this. Surround yourself with people who support you and believe in you.


  1. Schedule Workouts into Your Calendar:  The only way to stick to a new fitness routine is by prioritizing your workouts and adding them into your calendar. Remember to set alerts to remind yourself to go! Make these workouts non-negotiable.


  1. Get a Fitness Buddy:   Working out is much more fun when you do it with a friend. Find someone who has their own fitness and/or weight-loss goals. Keep each other accountable to doing the workouts and sticking with a regular schedule.


  1. Create Meal Plans:    Work with a nutritionist to come up with realistic meal plans to support your health & wellness goals. Remember that food can either be your greatest medicine or your worst poison. Choose wisely! It’s much easier to stay on track when you get organized and plan out your meals for the week in advance. I suggest doing this on Sunday so you can avoid that mid-week evening scramble of trying to figure out what to eat for dinner.


  1. Healthy Eating:    Remember that moderation and balance is key to success. Eat healthy 90% of the time, but don’t deny yourself that piece of cake at the birthday party. Balance out your food throughout the day, and don’t beat yourself up for slipping. Just get right back up again!


  1. Find Balance:    Regular exercise and self-care will help you reduce stress and create more balance in your life. Stress is truly a trigger for health issues in the body, so it’s essential that we incorporate grounding practices into our routines, such as yoga, deep breathing, visualization, meditation, qigong, nature, gratitude, journaling, music, laughter, and art. Just as you add your workouts into your calendar, schedule moments of self-care into your calendar as well. You deserve this.