Wellness Programs

Customized Programs

Balance by Nature offers a wide range of options for creating a wellness program that is as unique as your Company is.

We tailor each program to the culture of your office and interests of your staff to deliver an exciting and meaningful wellness experience that everyone will be talking about!

We incorporate a nice mix of onsite classes and online wellness initiatives into your program design, providing your onsite and offsite employees the opportunity to participate and feel their best. Have a look at the wellness program ideas below and let us know which ones you are interested in!



Yoga reduces stress, calms the mind, improves posture and increases strength and vitality. Beginner & intermediate level classes are available.

Chair Yoga

Learn simple exercises to do at your desk to reduce stress and alleviate tight muscles from sitting all day. Can be delivered in person or as online weekly videos.


This high intensity dance-fitness class gets participants moving and sweating to the music while enjoying themselves with their colleagues.

Line Dancing

Get your dancing shoes ON!!! Participants will learn fun Soulful Line Dances like the Cupid Shuffle, the Wobble, the Electric Slide, the Git Up, Latin dances and more.

Boot Camp

This high energy workout incorporates cardio and strength training. Employees use their own body weight and resistance bands to build muscle and tone the body.

Self Defense

Protect yourself by avoiding conflict, becoming more alert and aware of your surroundings, and gaining skills to get out of physical altercations.


Simple movements combined with visualization move energy throughout the body to restore balance, slow aging, calm the mind and promote health.

6-Week Walking Challenge

Break into teams and track your steps in an online platform with a leader board. Walking coaches also come to the office to lead weekly walks around the neighborhood.

Stress Reduction


Learn several different forms of meditation to calm the mind, let go of stress, improve focus & concentration, enhance sleep, and reduce emotional reactivity.

21 Days to Less Stress at Your Desk

Our Signature Online Program covers stress reduction tips, productivity tips, breathing exercises, meditation, desk stretches, nutrition demos and positive mindset.

Chair Massage

Enjoy a relaxing 15-minute chair massage to melt away your stress and tension from sitting all day. We can provide multiple therapists to accommodate any size group.

Stress Reduction Workshops

Identify your personal stress triggers, and learn practical tools for eliminating the feeling of stress while creating a better work life balance.


Lay back and enjoy a relaxing inward journey to the sounds of singing bowls, gongs, drums, flutes, harps, and chimes. 


Practice different breathing exercises to calm the mind, relax the body, improve your health, and experience feelings of peacefulness. 

Mindset for Success

Learn how to quickly shift out of a fixed mindset into a growth mindset to invite greater creativity, inspiration, innovative ideas, joy and success into your life.


Vision & Goal Setting

Do a vision exercise to gain clarity on your dream life. Create goals for your career, relationships, finances, health, and work life balance, and break them down with a Mind Map.


Healthy Food Demonstrations

Our nutritionists demonstrate how to create healthy meals and snacks to bring to the office. Enjoy learning how to put the food together and sampling the food at the end.

Nutrition Presentations

Our nutritionists will teach you how the food you eat throughout the day affects your health, energy levels, concentration, quality of sleep and mood. These classes can also be taught as webinars.

Health Consultations

Review your health concerns with one of our Health Coaches and receive a customized nutrition plan. These private sessions can be done in-person or via video conference.

Healthy Food Contests

Submit a recipe for your favorite smoothie and have a panel of judges decide on the winner! Sample the food and receive a booklet of all the recipes you can take home.

Health Education


Your custom-branded newsletter will highlight upcoming wellness events, and provide health tips, desk stretches, motivational quotes, healthy recipes and wellness articles.

Speaker Series

Health & Wellness Experts deliver engaging sessions on stress reduction, mindset, health topics, financial wellness, etc. These classes can also be taught as webinars.

Learning & Development

We create tailored workshops for each department that teaches valuable skills for time management, communication, morale, work life balance, embracing change, etc. 

Essential Oils Workshop

Learn how to use doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils to improve your mood, concentration, energy levels and physical health.

Consulting Services

Wellness Consulting

Nicole Mixdorf is a certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® providing wellness consulting for corporations of all sizes. Clients hire her to design, implement and manage comprehensive Health & Well-being programs for their businesses. She analyzes the financial impact of high turnover, stress leave of absence, and absenteeism, while setting benchmarks for improvement. She organizes and runs wellness committees and ambassador programs to engage employees and create buzz about the wellness program. She designs and manages wellness fairs, executive retreats, team building events and wellness conferences. Nicole is an inspirational keynote speaker, motivating employees to be the very best they can be in all areas of their lives.

Program Management

We make wellness easy by doing all the heavy lifting for you. Our award-winning program structure incorporates strategies to design, implement and manage a successful wellness program that your employees will love! 


    • Dedicated Wellness Consultant
    • Wellness Surveys & Assessments
    • Unique Program Design
    • Strategic Implementation Plan
    • Flyers & Announcements 
    • Champion Program 
    • Strategy for Executive Support
    • Strategy to Receive Wellness Funds 

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